ABOUT- SLG Jewelry Designs

SLG Jewelry Designs was founded in July 2015, by Shari Lynn Gardner.

Shari Lynn Gardner began making crafts and sewing as a child. As she got older and had her own family, making halloween costumes, decorations for the holidays, baking and making gingerbread houses became part of the traditions.  She even spent years making a dollhouse that had full electricity and did lots of writing for children and teens. One book was published, unfortunately though she had an awful publishing company, so she had to fight to get the rights back to her own book. After starting to get sick though, writing stopped since she could no longer concentrate and at this time only one of her short stories is available through Kindle.

As time changes things, life gets busy and adults forget sometimes how to “play.”  After medical issues forced her to take things slow, she was told she could not drive and she was unable to work any longer.  She even had to stop taking classes toward her MBA, because her medications for chronic pain made it difficult to concentrate.  So, for the first time of her life, she was no longer able to do what she wanted and life was broken down into three possible outcomes: A good day, A bad day, and A really bad day.  On the really bad days, pain can be so bad it is difficult to get out of bed, but on the other days, as long as it doesn’t involve doing a lot of standing, walking, and enough time is spent on breaks, she could do a little of the things she hadn’t thought about in years.

Tired of watching television, feeling a need to do something, and hoping to earn a little extra money to take some of the pressure off her husband’s shoulders. Her daughter already had an Etsy store, so she began making crafts, such as wreaths, pillows, picture frames, chalk boards, and more, while also helping her daughter with her store on her good days. As she began making jewelry her passion for making and learning were re-ignited, and she began branching out and increasing her skills.

Through her efforts to learn specific techniques, she found tutorials on YouTube and learned about B’Sue Boutique’s Creative Group on FaceBook and the rest you could call history, because Shari gained enough confidence in herself that she decided it was time to open her own Etsy store, so SLG Jewelry Designs was born. Brenda Sue Lansdowne the owner of http://www.bsueboutiques.com/   has become SLG Jewelry Designs’ main supplier, as well as Shari’s mentor and friend.


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