Starfish Necklace and Earrings--3--manniqStarfish Necklace and Earrings--1--manniqStarfish Necklace and Earrings--1Ship anchor mermaids--6-manniqShip anchor mermaids--2Ship anchor mermaids--1Mermaid love--4Mermaid love--1--manniqGlamorous necklacebraceletandearrings set-1 springflowerslariat--1--newpic vintagebeadednecklace-1 yellowrose2 3 rings 20150630_192949_resized_1 20150626_225802_resized 20150626_225617_resized 20150626_225333_resized 20150630_193102_resized_1 20150630_193420_resized_1 20150630_193713_resized_1 20150705_171856_resized 20150705_172108_001_resized 20150705_173415_resized 20150705_173333_resized 20150705_173322_resized 20150705_172329_resized 20150705_172251_001_resized 20150705_174334_resized Amethyst Earrings-1-- - Copy - Copy (2) - Copy amyth bracelet-1-- - Copy - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy - Copy Angels set--1-- braided beauty necklce--1-- - Copy - Copy Blues of glass beads long necklace--1-- blueblkswarovskibraceletbangle-1-- - Copy - Copy - Copy (2) blue and crackle earrings-2- - Copy - Copy (2) - Copy Bangelgry beads--2-- - Copy - Copy copper bangle w green bead and 2 hearts--2-- copper bangle w pearls--2-- - Copy - Copy Copper Bangle-5Antique copper beads--1-- - Copy copper bangle5red beads--2-- Copper Brocade Bangle--1-- - Copy golden crackle neck and ear set--5 - Copy - Copy golden crackle neck and ear set--1- - Copy - Copy - Copy Double Scarf Ring--3-- copprheartearrings--4- - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy copperbangle-red-white-gold glass--2-- - Copy - Copy golden crackle neck and ear set--6 - Copy goldHeartonaChain--1-- - Copy - Copy (2) pink amyth earrings-1-- irridecent bracelet--2-- braided beauty necklce--1-- - Copy


SLG Designs and some Vintage Finds

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