Class So Far???

Glenn and Shari- Xmas Holidays are over, so its time to get back to work.


Its January, I am getting to be an old dog, but unlike my dog, Bailey, I’m not afraid to go down the basement steps, nor am I opposed to learning new tricks.  In just the first weeks of the BALC class I am in (first blog hop on January 29th), I have learned so much about the jewelry business trade, but also about myself.  Over the next few weeks, hopefully shorter, I am deactivating some of my listings that have not seemed to get any interest from anyone. If you are looking to purchase something that is gone, let me know and if I have not taken it apart yet, I will sell it to you, just send me a message. Look for a lot of new stuff over the next few months, stuff that has been spiffied up like these kitty earrings that are now all sitting on top of some vintage heart lockets, some things that will be permanently replaced with something totally different, because I looked at it and thought “what was I thinking?”

Cats with ball Locket-1Tiny Kitten LocketBowtie kitty locketCat locket 2

I am going to start having lines of jewelry, possibly fewer one of a kinds (OOAK) with repurposed pieces and, of course I will still have Vintage pieces that just need a little clean up or some minor repair to keep their history alive.


Casper and Jinxy in Sink

Can’t do a blog without showing you at least one pic of Jinxy.  This one is with her brother Casper, whom we lost a couple of years ago…that’s why she is so spoiled now.

Don’t you just love my new store tag line (look below)??  One of the wonderful women in my class came up with this for me. I’m not going to share her name, unless she wishes for me to do so, but I truly appreciate it.

Tomorrow’s heirlooms lovingly handcrafted today,
as a romantic tribute to the past.…


Ta,Ta, for now.  I’ll be keeping you posted as I have time to post.  This class is keeping me busy, busy, busy.


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