Class starts in less than 2 Days

The BALC Class starts on Tuesday.  Considering in the middle of December it felt like it couldn’t start quick enough, Christmas and New Years came and went, and now I feel like I need to rush to get ready.  I haven’t taken the tree down yet, I just got in one good size box of Vintage jewelry and another on the way, so those need to be researched, photographed and listed on Etsy…hopefully sooner, than later.  I’m still making new things for the store and considering repurposing some of the stuff that doesn’t seem like anyone likes.

satin brass with pearl earring repurp ruby silver earring repurp 4 clear rhinestone cigar ring ruby copper ring turtleback repurp pearl and rhinestone broooch

I did manage to squeak in just a little time to watch the documentary/movie on Netflix about Iris Apfel…what a wonderful woman. If you have a little time, I highly recommend seeing it if you have the opportunity.  The whole story of how she got to where she is in the fashion and jewelry world is very interesting. It is a little sad that she never thought of herself as pretty and she explains in full detail why. The relationship she has with her husband is just awesome.

Well, I got lots to do. I’ll be checking in sometime during the week I’m sure. Thanks for reading.


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