Chance of a Lifetime

Sorry, meant to get back to letting you know what was happening, but started working on the rest of this blog site, to make it more appealing and I think most people know how it goes. My exciting news is I got accepted into the Master Challenge Class for B’Sue Boutique’s Build A Line Challenge 2016.  The class will start in January and goes until mid-April. It’s a pretty exclusive class and Brenda Sue the owner of B’Sue’s Boutique is sharing all of her knowledge.  This is a chance of a lifetime, so I am extremely excited for it to start, however, I have to look at what’s happening right now…Next week is Thanksgiving already, then there’s black Friday and Cyber Monday.  So, I am going to be pretty busy from now through December.

I already have quite a bit of some hand made jewelry and I also found many pieces of vintage that I have saved and are up for sale instead of being discarded as trash or garbage. If it was possible to just clean them up and replace missing parts with matching time period pieces, I have. Some unfortunatley were too far gone to repair, so I have salvaged what I could and repurposed them into new pieces to continue on into history. I love my pieces and hope to share them with not just the generation of the person who purchaes them, but hopefully with that individuals’ daughter or son and have it continue to be a joy that meets many generations.

So please, if your looking for something special for a gift, esepcially if you celebrate Christmas, stop by my store on Etsy and make someone smile.

I will check back in soon and keep you updated. Ta,ta, for now!




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