Welcome to the “Change it up Blog Hop Sponsored by B’Sue’s Boutique.”

Blog Hop Badge   Welcome to the “Change it up Blog Hop Sponsored by B’Sue’s Boutique.”

I am Shari Gardner, and this is my blog for SLG Jewelry Designs. The cat pictured, is Jinxy the mascot, that likes to help me by stealing anything shiny that she can get her paws on (I’m sure there is a whole ton of bling under my bed) or she spends her day trying steal my chair while I’m working and because she is so spoiled, there are days I sit on a small stool, while she relaxes in my comfy seat. What can I say, you have to be a cat lover to understand.

For most of you that read my posts regularly, you most likely already know this, but if you’re new to reading my blog, then I want you to know that I buy majority of my supplies for making jewelry from B’Sue’s Boutique.  Not only does she have the best quality for all supplies, including her brass stampings in which she is well known for, but for every other product that she sells, each has been personally tested by B’sue and she only sells what works, which for me, saves money since I don’t have to spend my time doing comparisons.


For this Challenge, all participants had the pick of 4 different raw brass items (shown above) that B’sue sells. We could buy as many of these 4 as we wished, and we were being challenged to take at least one of the pieces and “change it up,” in other words to not make what we would normally do with that particular piece. As you can see from the picture below, I choose the large flat brass cuff bracelet.

I ac20150916_102001_resized_2 (2)tually used 2 of the same cuff bracelets and I cut them apart and managed to make  1 much narrower cuff bracelet, 1 Necklace, 1 Brooch with a Bail attached to allow it to be worn as anot20150916_145318_resized_1 (2)her necklace if c20150916_152950_resized_1 (2)hosen by the buyer, and is able to be layered with the original first Necklace, and lastly, out of the remaining pieces I was able to make a pair of earrings to match.  So, I managed in total to achieve 4 pieces (5 if you count each earring separately) of jewelry out of 2 of the flat cuffs.

From this picture you can tell that I chose to torch the pieces for a darker multi colored patina. But, for me, I didn’t like the color, so I ended up using Lumiere Acrylic Paints.20150920_202952_resized_1 (2)20150922_121558_001_resized (2)

As I continued working on the original pieces, I couldn’t help from being extremely picky and changed out items that had already been attached and added new items in those places. So you’ll be able to tell there is a big difference in the final results from the side pictures.  Also, in addition for some fun and to help make this a cohesive line of jewelry for my Etsy store (https://www.etsy.com/shop/SLGJewelryDesigns?ref=hdr_shop_menu), I used some other B’sue stampings and made another cuff bracelet, 2 rings, and a hair band, that all match perfectly with the finishes I applied to the original pieces.  Therefore, instead of only 4/5 pieces to sell in my store, I added another 4, and will be able to add to this line very easily if I choose to make more.

In thi20150924_134613_resized_1 (2)s picture, you can see how I attached a pin back and a bail, so the Brooch Pin is also a necklace and can be layered with other necklaces if the buyer chooses, especially since that is one of the new trends that will be occurring for fall and winter 2015. I swapped out some of the purple hearts that I was planning to use, but decided they were too childish and didn’t go well with the rest of the ensemble. I kept all of the ceramic roses and every piece has at least one of the following: A butterfly, a heart, leaves, and the color teal either in a rhinestone, or cabachon, which is on the list for Fall Fashions. In the pictures below, you will see all of my finished pieces.20150924_134311_resized (2)

20150924_212943_resized (2)

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at my work and that you’ll consider stopping in at my Etsy store sometime. Now that the blog hop is going, I will be checking out all of the other participants work and reading their blogs, then I have a huge amount of vintage jewelry that I still need to finish going through and get it all ready to be for sale under the vintage section of my store. I’m guessing I will be adding these new pieces gradually over the entire weekend, so if your interested in the vintage stuff, keep checking out my store for new listings.
20150924_213439_resized (2)

Happy Hopping, the list continues below,

Shari Gardner

SLG Jewelry Designs

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23 thoughts on “Welcome to the “Change it up Blog Hop Sponsored by B’Sue’s Boutique.”

  1. Shari–as far as Tessa Kitty and I are concerned, it’s always good to start a blog out with a picture of a kitty…especially one as pretty as Jinxy! Great blog! I loved the way you explained your process and how you came up with a line starting with the one piece. Love the finished pieces. Well done! 🐱


  2. Wow, Shari! That’s a great bang for your buck, getting a whole set made like that. They turned out so pretty. It’s great to have coordinating items in your shop, you will get bigger and/or repeat orders. Great idea, you really did change it up and went the extra mile!


  3. I love how many pieces you got out of just two cuffs, wonderfully creative! I also think it’s great that you took your current inventory into consideration and kept the rose theme going! Sweet pieces!


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