The Blog Hop is getting Closer and Closer

Hi all,

Well, the Blog Hop for B’Sues Boutiques Creative Group is getting closer every day…September 25th, to be exact.

(Just in case you are not quite sure who B’Sue is, she is warm and friendly, very knowledgeable, Jewelry Designer and owner of B’Sues Boutique, which is my main supplier of all of my brass stampings, chain, German stones and Rhinestones. Plus, I consider her to be a good friend and someone I can rely on to see the true perspective of a situation and to remind me of what is important. Her group page on FaceBook is where the Creative Group get together and talk about our projects, learn new things, help each other stay on track and many are becoming good friends too.)

Speaking of getting back on track, I’m getting a little nervous about the blog hop, since as of this moment I don’t believe I have enough items completed for sale in my store.  I’m working on it and trying to do things faster, but in order to make sure I sell a quality product, I can only go so fast. But, I will get done what I can, and if there is something you want that isn’t there, you know I’m always happy to create a custom order just for you.

I have been doing a lot of work to my store too.  Changing listing titles and fixing old mistakes, typos, etc. so you can find what you want faster too. Afterall, I know your time is valuable too and I don’t want you to have to spend a half hour looking for a pair of earrings. So now I have the basic headings: Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings and Vintage.  But, I kept some of the themes:  Animals–includes cats, dogs, horses, more. Beach–is anything ocean or beach related such as shells, octupus, lizards, starfish, more. There’s Butterfly and Birds, Hearts and Flowers, and lastly Fairy and tales, which includes all different kind of Fairies and other pieces that are a bit odd or coincides with a cartoon, or movie. I had Alice in Wonderland Earrings, but I just sold them to one of my close friends. I may have to make another pair.  Anyhow, if you can’t find what your looking for under the traditional headings, check the theme headings, you may find something completely unexpected that you like.

I just won another auction for some more Vintage jewelry too, so hopefully it will get here quickly, so I’ll have time to get some, if not all, of it listed for the Blog Hop event too.  I always do as much research as I can on each piece of vintage jewelry I find. If its signed by the maker, then I will clean it up and do repairs if necessary. If its unsigned, I clean it up too and do as much research as I can in hopes to figure out who made it. I also have a couple of outstanding women in B’Sues Creative Group that I can talk to and show pictures and with their experience they can sometimes tell who made it, or at least give me a ball park of when it was made. I always sell unsigned pieces at a reasonable rate if they are in good condition and hopefully the buyer will be willing to share their knowledge of who made it and why they bought it, so I can learn for future pieces. Otherwise, even if the pieces are old, if I only have one earring, or the piece is broken and unrepairable I will salvage what I can and those parts go into new pieces that I make. I never throw anything away. If it can be repurposed into something new, then I will, so hopefully even just that little bit of history lives on. To me, every piece of jewelry has a story and even the brand new stuff will be purchased and worn by someone and hopefully be taken care of, so it can be passed down through their family creating a piece of history all on its own.

Time for me to get back to work. Hope you all have a fantabulous week and stop in at my store to see the changes I have made:

Talk to you soon,



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