Keep upbeat, keep making new stuff, and the sales will come

Hi everyone,

I am still working hard on getting as much stuff made as I can for the B’Sue Boutiques Blog Hop Sept. 25th and the upcoming Holiday season. It seems crazy to be thinking about holiday gifts, since its still only August., but it takes time to make each piece. So, you have to get a jump on it, so you don’t miss out on any sales, because you didn’t have enough for your customers to buy.

I’ve been a little down the last couple of days, not sure why, my store has only been open a couple of weeks, so maybe I’m asking too much of myself, or it could be partly because I’ve been running a low grade fever for the past couple of days…no other symptoms though, so I’m still working. My daughter, Rebecca, has bronchitis again, so I hope I’m not starting to get that. Anyhow,had a long talk over the phone with one of my new friends and I feel a lot better. Going to really be concentrating on taking good, clear, well lighted pictures of my items for sale. And, I am going to delve into that scary world called Instagram.  I haven’t done it yet, but besides my facebook page, my store, and this bog, it is something I should be doing.

If you haven’t stopped in at my FB page or my store, please do. You might even see something you want to buy for that special someone.

Good week to all,

Shari Lynn Gardner

SLG Jewelry Designs


2 thoughts on “Keep upbeat, keep making new stuff, and the sales will come

  1. Yayyyy Shari!!! Keep positive, keep creating and definitely post your creations on Instagram. Be sure you put a link in your profile on IG for your Etsy shop too! I think that’s how I’ve gotten some to check it out. Most of the people that “follow” me on IG are total strangers who liked what I made. I’m new to all this too, so we can journey together!!!


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