Upcoming Event that I am participating in!!

Hi everyone,

I finally finished taking pictures and writing the wording for all of my listings in the new store, there is a lot to look at, plus I will be adding a lot more over the next few weeks in anticipation for a Blog Hop that I will be participating in: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SLGJewelryDesigns?ref=hdr_shop_menu

B’Sue Boutiques (http://www.bsueboutiques.com/) is my main supplier for majority of my designs. Her inventory is by far the absolute best and quality surpasses the big box stores by miles.  I am also a member of her Creative Group on Facebook; and whether you are brand new to making jewelry or a seasoned veteran, I highly recommend joining if you want to learn new techniques, help other members, be inspired by other designer’s work, or just learn about a specific technique. Brenda Sue is wonderful, she’s warm hearted and funny, and shares all of her knowledge within the group, she has free tutorials on her store site, as well as Youtube, plus she has occassional classes that always have reasonable rates and is a great excuse to have a girl’s getaway weekend.   Anyways,I digress, I wanted to tell you all about the blog hop happening on September 25th. I think its going to be a lot of fun and if you are a jewelry maker, its not too late to sign up. Read all about it here: http://bsueboutiques.typepad.com/bsue_boutiques_jewelry_su/2015/08/come-join-us-for-the-change-it-up-blog-hop-in-september.html

Okay, time for me to get back to making earrings and rings, since I know I am way short on inventory for those.  Please stop my shop. If there is something you are specifically looking for and its not there, just let me know and I can make something for you.   Have a good rest of your week and a great weekend, and hopefully, you’ll here from me next week, if not sooner.  Thanks for Reading, Shari

Shop Link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SLGJewelryDesigns?ref=hdr_shop_menu

Email: ShariLynn67@Gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SLGJewelryDesigns

B’Sue Boutique:

Web site: http://www.bsueboutiques.com/default.asp

Her Blog:     http://bsueboutiques.typepad.com/bsue_boutiques_jewelry_su/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/bsueboutiquescreativegroup/


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