MY very first Blog on this Site!!!

Hi. I’m happy your here.  😉

This is my first blog for this site (SLG Jewelry Designs—in case you forgot where you are or got lost..LOL).

You may have read my other blogs, but I can assure you, this blog is here to be upbeat, funny at times (I hope), and to either inspire you to pursue your own entrepreneurial dream, or to inspire you to help me with mine and convince you to buy something I’ve designed.  This whole blog is basically a shameless plug to see if I can find more customers (I’m not going to lie to you).   But, who knows you may learn something too.

You will be able to follow me, as I am trying to get my “hobby”,as my hysband likes to call it, off the ground and turn this into an actual business. There will be little blogs when I will tell you something that my cat or dog did that I find particularly funny. One example, my cat,Jinxy, likes to steel shiney pieces, so if I can’t find something,I usually check her hiding spots first.

Currently, I make all different types of jewelry (which you can see in the gallery, but please check the store to see if its still available. If its sold,no worries,just let me know which item you like and I should be able to make you something similar–please note I make all one of a kind items, so nothing will be exactly the same, but I’ll try to get close). Anyways, I do traditional beading, wire wrapping, assemblage/collages, metal work, Ice Resin, and I have recently started playing with Polymer Clay. I work mainly with brass, copper, and silverplated items,because the cost of supplies for sterling silver and gold are just so high and depending on the piece,its not really necessary. I do run across some very nice vintage pieces and if they are intact, I clean them up to sell, but if they’re broken and unsigned, then I take them a part and repurpose them. Some of the most beautiful stones or beads are from long ago and I hate to see them not be seen.

Although I do buy from other suppliers occassionally, B’Sue’s Boutique ( the absolute BEST prices, brass and silverware stampings, and an amazing group on FaceBook where all jewelry artists come together to share ideas and learn from each other, as well as Brenda Sue. She has tons of tutorials on YouTube I highly recommend if your learning.

Well, that’s it for today. I hope you’ll come back.


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